Ice Creams could be classified as 3 major types of production style:

1. The most common types that can be found in the supermarkets – Industrial ice creams
2. Ice cream parlours and restaurants – Homemade ice creams
3. Very uncommon and hard to find in some Michelin restaurants – Fine ice cream

  Industrial ice cream Homemade ice cream Fine ice cream
Ingredients: industrial ingredients industrial and home ingredients fine ingredients from the world
Production cost: lowest medium highest
Quality: standard standard to good best
Nutritional value: low high highest
Artificial ingredients: high medium NO

Ice Cream Gallery is proudly to be the One to produce Fine ice creams in the market.

Hand-made with the finest ingredients and the skills of a gourmet master chef Arron Liu, ICG Fine Ice creams have NO artificial flavours and colours, stabilizers, gelatine and preservatives.

The founder of ice cream and dessert school " U can Cake - Ice Cream Gallery", who has developed over 800 flavours of ice cream since 1994, including the most complicate French Lobster Ice Cream, French Foie Gras Ice Cream and French Salmon Ice Cream. Published books including "Asian Ice Cream - for you and your kids" in Canada and USA, "Desserts from the world famous shops - Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3" - one of the best sellers amongst the cook book series in 2004 and 2005. Consultancy and training service for many reputable brands and ice cream parlours in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and USA.

Founder and chief instructor of Academy of Ice Cream in Hong Kong, providing professional ice cream and gelato training programme.

We use the choicest ingredients from different parts of the world to create a luscious range of fine ice creams, including: supreme quality cream from France, milk from Australia, organic rose and premier chocolate from France; the best vanilla bourbon from Madagascar, freshest imported fruits and seasonal fruits from the market, Truffle from Italy, nuts from Spain, gold grade Japanese green tea from Uji. It's truly international to tantalize your taste buds and sense of adventure!


ICG fine ice creams = fine dining, all are freshly hand-made with the highest requirement. We cook the key ingredients in the ways of fine dining, balance the taste with suitable fruits and ingredients. We carefully work on every steps from beating the eggs, cooking with milk to temperature control, so as to produce every specialty in the series. The analogy is like having a number of top models displaying a signature collection. All unique in their characteristics and carry the designer's distinctive style.

Not many ice cream lovers realize that most ice creams or gelato in the market are made by artificial ingredients, although they claim they are made by natural ingredients.

ICG fine ice creams do not contain artificial ingredients and stabilizier made by compound fats, they have much higher nutritional value and lower in fat content around 5% and sugar content 10%, NO sweetener at all. So they are actually heathier, and excellent for weight watchers who loves ice creams but are afraid to get that bonus pound!

ICG has been awarded as the Best of Summer Delicacies of Hong Kong by CNNgo in 2011

ICG's high quality and reputable products are so welcomed by the quality consumers and media, so interested parties are welcomed to join ICG to develop it to a good profitable market, please feel free to contact ICG at email: , go for the world!




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